Weekly Specials

  Weekly specials

Monday the 11th thru Friday the 17th.

Monday  1.) Triple Stack Roast Beef BLT on wheat bread toasted with Chipotle ranch side of coleslaw. -7.99

2.) Turkey, Avocado, Cucumber, Swiss, on a bagel with ranch, chips and large drink. -9.99


Tuesday – 1.) Steak Tacos (2) with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chipotle ranch, side of macaroni salad.

2.) Pepperoni, grilled cheese on white bread with mozzarella and cup of chili w/ cheese & large drink.


Wednesday – 1.) Buffalo Chicken Salad on wheat bread toasted, lettuce, tomato, side of macaroni salad.

2.) Monte Cristo on white bread with salsa ranch side of macaroni salad & 20oz drink.


 Thursday – 1.) Homemade Beer Battered Chicken breast on a roll with Yellow American, lettuce, tomato, mayo side of macaroni salad.

2.) Half Cuban on white pressed cup of chili-Mac with small drink.


Friday 1.) Boars Head Sweet slice Ham (thick cut) on a roll with deli mustard side of potato salad.

2.) Triple stack Ever Roast Chicken BLT, Chipotle Gouda, wheat bread toasted, salsa ranch side of coleslaw & small drink.


Our Soups for the Week

Monday – Chicken enchilada & New England clam chowder
Tuesday – Broccoli cheddar & Chili w/ cheese
Wednesday– Loaded baked potato & Tomato basil bisque
Thursday– Broccoli cheddar & Chili w/ cheese
Friday – New England clam chowder & Tomato basil bisque